Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The School in Germany really sucks, i just got back from a very long day in school. The homework and all the other stuff is very hard. I hope it'll be worth it, one day. ;)


  1. it most likely will
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  2. Are you kidding me? Man, you guys got it good. I would LOVE to go to school in Germany. It will be worth it for you, trust me. You'll graduate knowing you're smarter than a portion of Americans.

    I went to public school in Arizona where there are a bunch of illegal immigrants going to school with us because their mothers had a baby in the United states. They basically get a free ride in the school system, ain't that some shit? 30 kids per teacher, and they have to spend a portion of the class period trying to teach the kids who don't speak English the same lesson because there isn't enough funding to get a separate class set up to teach these kids English. In other words: school in the united states sucks balls unless you go to charter schools or private schools.

    Nice blog though. :3


  3. I've always wondered what school is like in other countries


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